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Sneak Peek of the New House + Updates

The only livable space right now is our kitchen. At this very moment we are installing laminate floors. 🙂 Here’s a sneak peek of the new house and to show you what’s keeping me busy.

We picked up our refrigerator last week and got to setting it up last weekend. I thought I was gonna die or something. We didn’t get it delivered. It was a $65 delivery and we were so frugal. Buying a home for the first time is pretty overwhelming and EXPENSIVE! We didn’t have any help either since our friends were at work. The guys at Sears helped put it up the truck. So whew! But the problem is – how were we going to put it down the truck? OMG.

Imagine pushing that huge and heavy fridge. I was of no help. I tried pushing and it wouldn’t even move. I tried. But hey, we were able to get it off the truck in the long run. That’s what we get for not paying delivery. Haha. Good thing the rest of the appliances such as the range, microwave hood (not shown here, it’s still in the box, but will be installed on top of the range), dishwasher, washer, and dryer were free delivery. Whew!

But anyway, after we were able to take the fridge down the truck, we had to purchase a dolly because we couldn’t move it from the garage to the kitchen. Even though the fridge had those wheel thingies, it was not helpful. The fridge wouldn’t fit the main door. We had to take it in sideways. So we had to buy a dolly for about $30. So that’s still better than a $65 delivery charge. At least now, we have a dolly to move heavy objects.

Oh btw, I had to open those cabinets to show off what I’ve been wasting my time on. I scrubbed those cabinets big time and I also put cabinet liners in each and every cabinet. It was fun but tedious.

We shopped at Costco the other day to stock the pantry… it still lacks a lot of stuff… at least we got Philippine Dried Mangoes. Yum! 🙂 Oh, there are also canned goods which will serve as our lunch and dinner while we work. Haha. You can see I’m a bit OC (obsessive compulsive) as I take out the paper towels in their package and line them up like you were at a grocery store. Haha. 🙂

The one behind the counter/bar is the formal dining room. The microwave here is our old microwave which still looks new and matches our appliances. But Hubby is choosy (maarte) and wants one on top of the range. So soon, this old microwave will be kept in the box and that spot is where the coffee maker will be.

Now below is the kitchen nook a.k.a. temporary office. No time to cook yet, so it’s just canned goods – corned beef! Hah!

Showing you our progress installing the laminate floors below. It’s darker and wider in person – like a dark cherry wood. It’s so nice. Oh, and right now we’ve done like three to four times more than this. It was easy and quick to install.

Until the next update!

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