DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s create this DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder. It’s really easy to do, not to mention affordable! It has been on my mind’s to-do list for quite some time. Yeah, like for years. Haha! Maybe I was just too lazy to go to the party supply store/dollar store to get these dinosaur toys. So when I saw them at Target for a dollar each, I knew it was time to tackle this project. Let’s begin!

Home Decor, DIY Gold dinosaur jewelry holder, design, entertaining

DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

At the time that I found these dinosaur toys at Target, there were only 2 types – the Stegosaurus and the T-Rex (as shown). So I only got 2. They were only a dollar each. Since I still had some Gold Spray Paint, I didn’t have to buy a new one. But it should cost you about $5 to $6 for a can and you won’t even use 1/4 of it. So for about $10, you can already make 3 to 4 jewelry holders. But if you want to compute that actual cost – meaning only the spray paint used, then it should be less than $2 for each. That is such a great steal if you ask me. There are miniature animal jewelry/ring holders that cost about $5-12 each. So imagine the savings you get when you do this yourself! But the best part is, you get to pick your toy, your animal, as well as your color – plus you get bragging rights that you made it yourself! That’s a win-win-win-win-win!

Materials Needed for your DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

  • Dinosaur Toys (or if you find an animal of your choosing that has some tail or head sticking out that would hold a ring, necklace or earring pretty well, you can use that too), $1 each
  • Fast Drying Metallic Finish spray paint (you can also go for your favorite color if you don’t want a metallic one, just make sure to pick a spray paint that can be used on almost any material – plastic, wood, steel, etc.), about $5
  • An old box and some newspapers or used paper where you’ll position the toys for painting, FREE

Home Decor, DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder, design, entertaining


1. Once you have everything you need, take your materials outdoors. Prep the used box and line with newspaper to make sure paint doesn’t get to your floor, grass or patio. Now place your dinosaurs.

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

2. Start spray-painting the side that’s up with your chosen color. Use a mask or cover your nose to avoid inhaling the paint. Follow the instructions on the can, making sure the nozzle is several inches away from the object and do quick strokes to avoid getting chunk of paint on it. Let it dry.

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

3. Once one side is dry, flip the dinosaurs to show unpainted side. Repeat the process. If you see any other sides missing paint, just do the same thing. Just make sure to leave drying time in between paints. I did 30 minute-intervals since these are just small objects and dried pretty fast.

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

4. Shown below is the finished product. Well, not really, I went with another round of spray paint after seeing King T. Rex with green tongue. Haha! But once you’re done, you can start using your DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry holder! You may also opt to buy a clear spray paint for top coat. I skipped it since the paint adheres to the plastic toy pretty well and thought I can always refresh the paint if the need arises.

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

So what do you think? Below, my Stegosaurus is shown holding just my Erica Anenberg Peace Twosome ring. But currently it holds a couple of rings and earrings and has worked well in the bathroom. Whenever I wash my hands or face, or take a shower, I hang my wedding and engagement rings on  his spikes! His tail can even hold my stud earrings!

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

Now King T. Rex on the other hand can hold delicate bracelets on his neck and a couple of rings on his left and right hand. However, I’m letting him pose by my Diptyque candle for now. They seem to go well together. What do you think of this DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder? Pretty easy right?

Home Decor, DIY, Gold dinosaur, jewelry holder, design, entertaining

STYLEanthropists, have you tried this DIY project before? And if not, would you like to try this DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder? Let me know and make sure to share photos when you do! Xo!

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