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DIY Bar Cart + Other Home Trends

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s do a DIY bar cart! It’s been awhile since I shared a fun home design and DIY post with you. So I thought I’d talk about one of my other favorite things to style – the home. Let’s talk about current home trends, a DIY bar cart project that you can do on your own, and things to fill it up with to spark some conversation.

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5 Current Favorite Home Design Trends

While there are a couple of home design trends we’re seeing today, I’d like to narrow it down to 5 of my favorite ones.

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  1. Anything Pineapple – pineapple prints were a big hit in fashion last Summer and we continue to see them at home. From salt and pepper shakers, vases and ceramic decors, they add something fun and quirky to any tropical-lover’s abode. I love this jar.
  2. Moscow Mule/Mule Mugs in real copper – these stylish mule mugs are all the rage right now. Make sure to get the real copper ones for that beautiful pop of color! And while you’re at it, start learning the cocktail recipe too!
  3. Luxury Candles – it’s been here for awhile and it’s not going anywhere. Luxury candles have become staple decorations at home. And don’t forget to save those jars to make cute holders of just about anything – including pens, makeup brushes and even flower vases! This scent is my absolute fave.
  4. Anything Animal trinket that double up as jewelry holder – from zebra, owl, cats, dogs to elephants – find any cute little trinket that can hold your jewelry and more. Metallic ones are a plus! Here is a blogger favorite.
  5. Bar Carts – bar carts can be found in any stylish home. Trust me. But these carts can cost from $200 up to $2,000++! That’s why I have a DIY Bar Cart project that you can recreate for a fraction of the price. Read on.

DIY Bar Cart

I didn’t really plan on making a bar cart. It just so happened that our neighbor was throwing this very common Ikea Lack coffee table and I thought of saving it instead. It looked pretty new except for minor scratches here and there, plus the lower shelving was gone. I wiped it clean and started using it as a regular coffee table, until an idea came to mind. Why not turn it into a bar cart? So it went from this…


to this…

DIY bar cart, style, home, design, STYLEanthropy

So, are you ready to do this project?

What You’ll Need

  1. Ikea Lack Table, $19.99, OR just go to a flea market or thrift store, and grab one for $5-10. Even better when you have a sad old table not being used at home.
  2. Gold spray paint, $4
  3. E6000 glue, $4
  4. Casters, $6 or less. If you have those plastic/sterilite drawers with casters that you don’t use, grab those so you won’t have to buy.
  5. Mini mirror tiles (3 in), $1.99 each for set of 5 at the craft store. I bought these at Michaels and I had coupons to use. I used 28 mini tiles.
  6. Mirror tiles (12 in), $9 for set of 6. I got mine at Lowes. I only used 2 of them.
  7. 2 Towel racks, $17 each. You can find cheaper towel racks. I just got these nice looking ones from Target.


All in all, I spent less than $60 for this DIY Bar Cart project. Now let’s get to the instructions!


  • The first thing I did was to disassemble the table. The legs were just screwed. So all I had to do was twist until it comes off. After wiping clean, it’s time to spray paint with gold color. You can do silver if you wish. Follow instructions on the spray paint can. Just make sure you do this outdoors or at a well-ventilated area. Put newspapers or boxes underneath. Let it dry in between coats. I only did 2 coats. Let the whole table dry completely.


  • Next, drill holes underneath the legs so you can insert the casters. If you don’t have a drill, improvise by looking for a big nail head or screw from your tool box and hammer away. Make sure the hole is smaller than the screw of your caster so it won’t come off. Test it out as you go along the way. When done, you can start assembling the table again.

DIY bar cart, style, home, decor, STYLEanthropy

  • Now that the table is dry and assembled, start lining up your mirror tiles on the table top. Do whatever pattern you wish. Use a ruler and pencil to make sure the tiles are evenly spaced and centered. I also positioned my towel rack at the end to make sure there’s enough space.

DIY bar cart, style, home, decor, STYLEanthropy

DIY bar cart, style, home, decor, STYLEanthropy

  • When everything is set in place and you like how the mirror tiles are positioned, start glueing each mirror tile with the E6000 glue. Do it one by one, pressing it onto the table after you apply the glue to the back of the mirror tile. When the mirror tiles are set in place, it’s time to screw the towel racks on each end. Towel racks usually come with screws and a paper pattern that you can position in place to drill or hammer before you hook up the whole rack. Follow instructions that came with your towel rack and you’ll be good. Special thanks to the Hubby for helping me install the towel racks.


Now, you’re done. It’s that easy! It’s time to decorate your bar cart and fill it up with goodies.


Put your favorite bottle in there with some glasses, stirrers and common bar tools in a tray. You may also like to put some small plates either for nibbles or you know – some lemon or mint slices, depending on what your cocktail of the night calls for. Another I’d like to include in my cart is chocolate. Because, wine and chocolate – I rest my case. These Lindt Hello chocolates are so delicious (coming from someone who’s not into sweets that much). This is one of those chocolates I do not mind to eat over and over again. With different unique flavors, I don’t get tired of eating it.


These Lindt Hello chocolates come in bars, sticks and minis. So if you have glass apothecary jars, you can use it to hold the minis and display in your bar cart as well. The sticks, on the other hand, can be displayed on a skinny tall glass or vase, and the bars can be displayed on cute mini plates for your guests to indulge in. I see chocolate as part of my home decor. I just like having chocolates displayed for when guests come over, they have sweet treats waiting for them.

While you’re at it, Lindt Hello is hosting a series of sweepstakes where you can enjoy sweet prizes like shopping sprees, spa days and double date packages among other things. Make sure to join here because it’s free to enter. They also made a series of videos showing us how we can spark connections, a fun watch while you enjoy your chocolates and wine!


In case you were wondering about the wall decals, you can get the Dream decal here and a similar tree decal here. Can’t find this bamboo one online, but you maybe able to find it at your local Target store.

DIY bar cart, home, decorating, decor, STYLEanthropy, style

STYLEanthropists, hope you liked this DIY Bar Cart. Let me know if you recreate it or make something similar. Thanks to Lindt for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring our home decorating trends. Always DIY in style!

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