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DIY Napkin Rings

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s DIY some napkin rings! The Holiday Season is here. It’s my favorite time of the year for so many reasons, but more importantly, my birthday is on Christmas Day. Yup, I was born on December 25. So naturally, I love everything about Christmas and the Holidays in general – the decorations, the shopping, the gift-giving, and of course the entertaining.

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy
I love setting up the table and making everything match and go well cohesively… all down to the napkin ring! Napkin rings to me, is that icing on the cake – the cherry on top! I have been looking everywhere for napkin rings that would match my tablescape, but failed to find any. So, I thought, why not make one?

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

That’s why a few weeks ago, I decided to create my own napkin rings to match my black, white and gold theme. These three colors, to me, are so classy and festive when added with some pops of red! It’s as easy as pie (or easier than that). So I thought, I’d share it with you. And you can totally customize it to your own theme and liking. Here’s how to DIY your own napkin rings for some gorgeous Holiday Entertaining this year.

DIY Napkin Rings

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

What you’ll need

  • Your choice of Table Napkins
  • Some gold beads (or silver, depending on your Christmas decor theme) with big enough holes for an elastic, got mine at Michael’s jewelry section
  • A bigger bead, stone or pendant with hooks (or ears) on each side, got mine at Michael’s jewelry section
  • Elastic nylon thread / nylon garter that you can find at craft or jewelry stores, got mine at Michael’s  jewelry section
  • Scissors
  • Metal stoppers, optional (just as an added security for your knots), got mine at Michael’s jewelry section
  • Pliers, optional if you are using metal stoppers


  • Take your spoon, fork, and/or knife and roll it inside your napkins. Like this:

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

  • Next, I’m showing you one finished napkin ring wrapped around the rolled napkin. But to make one, grab your elastic nylon thread and loop around the table napkin to measure the length you need. Just add a 2 inches for the knots on both sides and cut with your scissors.
  • Now grab your nylon thread and knot twice on one ear/hook of your pendant or feature stone.
  • If you are using metal stoppers, just insert one after your knots. Place the metal stopper on top of the knots so it’s covering them. Then using pliers, press it down to secure it in place. This is optional, but it will secure your knot from coming out.


  • Now start inserting your beads into the nylon thread. I chose gold and white clear ones and alternate them onto the thread.

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

  • Just test it out and loop it around your table napkin to see if the length is enough. If it is, then insert the loose end to the other ear/hook of your pendant/stone and tie a knot. Double the knot to secure.
  • If you are using a metal stopper however, insert one metal stopper first before you tie a knot. After knotting, insert the loose thread back to the metal stopper so that it covers the knot.
  • You can insert the rest of the thread going back to the beads or just cut the loose thread with scissors. Optional, you can use a glue and dab some onto the knot and loose end to secure it in place. You can use a toothpick to apply the glue.

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings, STYLEanthropy

Now you’re all set. Repeat for all of your table napkins. Wasn’t that so easy? And you can choose different colors and different stones. You can even make double strands for more bling. The possibilities are endless. Choose beads that will stand out and be the cherry on top of your beautiful tablescape!

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

DIY Holiday Napkin Rings by STYLEanthropy

STYLEanthropists, hope you liked these DIY Napkin Rings. Let me know if you recreate it or make something similar. Always DIY in style!

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