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DIY Referee Shirt Koozie for Sports Themed Party

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s make a DIY Referee Shirt Koozie for a Sports-Themed party. One of the many occasions that call for a party is sports-related. So wouldn’t it be nice to create something fun that ties up to your party theme? A koozie is a fabric or foam sleeve designed to insulate a beverage container. It can be for a can, glass or bottle. In this case, we are making a koozie for a bottled beverage. While you can most certainly create jerseys of your favorite teams, for today’s DIY, I thought of making referee shirt koozies instead. Whatever team you’re rooting for or whatever sports you’re preparing a party for, there’s always a referee. So this referee shirt koozie can be reused over and over again at your sports-themed parties!


DIY Referee Shirt Koozie


What You’ll Need

  • Foam Sheets, 1 sheet per bottle
  • Referee Shirt Koozie Template (free printable)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Black Permanent Marker or Black Acrylic Paint + brush for painting
  • Glue gun or E6000 glue (not pictured above)


  • Download and print the referee shirt koozie template on a piece of paper or card stock. Cut the printed shirt outline to use as your template. Lay on top of your foam sheet.
    • FYI: before you proceed, make sure that the template size you printed is enough for the bottle you are using. Test it out first. Make sure that there is enough extra on the sides of the shirt for gluing later. The template here is perfect for a glass bottle. But if you have a wider bottle, just allot about half an inch (depending on your bottle size) more on each side before cutting, and test it out again.


  • With a pencil, trace the template on the sheet of foam. Once done, using your ruler, draw some stripes on top of the shirt to mimic referee stripes.
    • TIP: You can also use these instructions to make jersey koozies, so you can create different designs as you wish. Draw stripes only on the sleeves and then simply write a number in the front center for jersey koozies.


  • Once you’ve drawn the stripes, it’s time to fill in the stripes with black. Use a permanent marker to fill in the stripes alternately so you make black and white stripes. If using a permanent marker, it will be light on first application because we are using foam. Let it dry for a minute or two and do a second application. If you are using acrylic paint, then you just need one application and let it completely dry before proceeding to the next step.


  • Once the foam sheet is dry, start cutting the foam into a shirt following the outline you drew earlier with the pencil.


  • Now fold it in half to make it look like a shirt. Grab your glue gun or E6000 glue and apply a thin vertical stripe along the inner side edges of the shirt. Do not glue the bottom and top of the shirt. Do not glue the sleeves too. We’re just gluing the sides of the shirt. Once you have applied the glue, take a heavy object to put on top of the shirt. This will help to keep the sides in place and glued together as the glue dries.


  • Let it dry for an hour. But to be sure, you can let it dry completely overnight. And the next day, you can insert the DIY Referee Shirt Koozie into your bottle!


STYLEanthropists, hope you liked this DIY Referee Shirt Koozie. Let me know if you recreate it or make something similar. Always DIY in style!

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