DIY Pineapple Made of Chocolate and Wine

DIY Pineapple Made of Chocolate + Wine

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing you my pot of gold – this DIY Pineapple that’s made of chocolate and wine. No leprechaun, no problem. Haha! You can easily create this beautiful pineapple that can be a great gift package for someone who loves chocolate and wine (or champagne). It can also be a fun display in your bar cart or a delicious centerpiece at your next dinner party. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

DIY pineapple chocolate wine, gift package

How to Make Your DIY Pineapple

DIY Pineapple Made of Chocolate + Wine
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This is a perfect gift package for someone who loves wine and chocolate, and adores pineapple ornaments and decor. But this would also make a great centerpiece or a cute bar cart display!
Recipe type: DIY, Sweets, Dessert Display
  • Bottle of Champagne, Wine or any fave Drink (non-alcoholic is fine too)
  • Double sided tape
  • A lot of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (or any gold-wrapped round chocolate is okay) - I used 59 pieces for a regular wine/champagne bottle.
  • Green paper cut into leaves (just make long triangles)
  • Plastic wrap from your kitchen
  • Yellow ribbon (or any color would do, depending on the occasion/theme)
  1. Wipe clean your bottle of wine or champagne.
  2. Take one round chocolate and eyeball where you'll place it on the lowest part of your bottle. Take note of that spot, so you know where to place your double-sided tape.
  3. Now, place your tape around the bottle on that spot/level in the bottle where you'll be sticking the chocolate. Work your way up, placing another strip of tape on the next level for your next row of chocolates. Stop when you get to the neck of the bottle.
  4. Once tape strips have been stuck to the bottle, it's time to stick the chocolates starting from the bottom row going up, just before the neck of the bottle.
  5. Take your green paper and cut leaves from it. Using double sided tape, stick it to the neck of the bottle so that it covers the whole neck and no part of the bottle is showing.
  6. Now, you just made a pineapple. It's time to completely wrap the chocolates so that they stay in place when transporting or gifting to a loved one. Just use a plastic wrap from your kitchen and cover the chocolate part. You can omit this if you want to display it as a centerpiece at a party. So that people can easily grab a chocolate as a treat or dessert.
  7. Tie a ribbon on the top of the chocolates, by the bottom edge of your leaves and you're done!

DIY pineapple chocolate wine decoration, home, design

Watch the video below to help you visualize everything!

pineapple, chocolate, wine, decor, home design, pillow

Can you tell I love pineapples?

DIY Pineapple Chocolate Wine

STYLEanthropists, wasn’t that so easy to make? How do you like to make a DIY Pineapple made of wine and chocolate on your next party or to give to someone who loves all those things? If you love it, don’t forget to pin or share! Xo.

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