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St Paddys Day Bar Cart Style + Frozen Apple Vodka

Today at STYLEanthropy, I’m sharing with you my St Paddys Day Bar Cart… because how can you skip on all the green and gold? And bar cart = drinks = St Paddy’s Day celebrations – see where I’m going here? Well, let’s get to styling that bar cart, shall we?


Above is how my bar cart looked prior to decorating it for St Paddy’s Day. If you want to see how it looked for Valentine’s Day, read my previous post, How to Style a Bar Cart. There, I shared tips on how you can style your cart on a budget, along with other info like: how to choose a bar cart for your home, the bar essentials you need, etc. Now today, I’m going to share with you how you can style your bar cart for St Paddys Day without spending much. First, check out this video!

Wanna know how much I spent to get my bar cart ready for St. Patrick’s Day? I listed them below:

  1. Green and Gold Mustache, pack of 6 – $2
  2. Irish You Were Beer napkins, bought at Marshalls – $2.99
  3. Guinness beer, 4-pack at your local grocery/liquor store – $7.99
  4. St Patrick’s Day cupcakes, 12 pack at Target grocery – $3.49 (or 3.29?)

That’s it! I spent less than $20 bucks ($16.47, to be exact) to get my bar cart ready for St. Patrick’s. And to be honest, the cupcakes turned out to be the hubs’ work mid-day fuel. And the beer? Well, we buy beer when we have guests over anyway. So if you don’t take into account the food and the beer – I spent only $4.99 for decor! Not bad, eh?

St Paddys Day, bar cart, guinness, san pellegrino, vodka

That’s the advantage of having existing bar accessories, barware, mini plates, trays, serving dishes, trinkets, etc. that are neutral!

I was able to make use of:

  • White mini cake stand to hold the St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes. I love that you can insert a ribbon to this cake stand, so you can match the theme. I apologize I wasn’t able to buy a green ribbon for this, but wait for my next theme!
  • White trays that were holding the drinks on the bottom tier and the other on the top tier
  • White round picture frame where I displayed the napkin that says “Irish You Were Beer”
  • Champagne flute that acted as a straw holder, I placed a mustache on top
  • Gold pineapple cups for drinks or decorative jar when not used
  • Acrylic business card holder that acted as a napkin holder
  • A clear glass bottle from Argo Tea drink that I up-cycled into a jar for my green M&M’s
  • My DIY gold dinosaur that’s been part of my bar forever
  • My green coasters which are actually carpet tile samples, hah!
  • Gold foil garland from my old Christmas decorations

STYLE TIP: Invest in neutral serving dishes, barware, decorative elements, trays, jars, trinkets, etc., so you can reuse them again and again with any type of holiday or seasonal decor/theme. You can easily spice them up with color through the food and drinks you’re serving, along with napkins, flowers, ribbons, straws, etc.

St Paddys Day, bar cart, guinness, san pellegrino, vodka

Now you know how I’m able to decorate under a budget. Just stick to neutrals when it comes to your basic glassware and barware accessories, and let the little things like napkins, straws, flowers and candies take care of the theme! Here are more close-up shots of my St Paddys Bar Cart!

St Paddys Day cupcakes, shamrockSt-Paddys-Day-cupcakes-four-leaf-clover-5St-Paddys-Day-cupcakes-four-leaf-clover-green-drinks-6

In case you were wondering what’s the drink featured in here, let me tell you how I made them!


St Paddys Day Frozen Apple Vodka
2-ingredient, no brainer cocktail just for fun and decorations!
Recipe type: Cocktails
Serves: 2
  • 1 Gatorade Green Apple
  • 2 Shots of Vodka
  • Mint or lemon zest, optional
  1. Pour your Gatorade Green Apple into an ice cube tray or any shallow plastic container.
  2. Freeze overnight.
  3. When ready to serve, pop the iced green apple drink into a blender and blend until you get shaved ice.
  4. Pour into your serving cups or glasses, and add a shot of vodka each glass.
  5. Garnish with mint or lemon zest if desired. Don't forget your straw or stirrer.

Pretty easy, eh?


Here are before and after photos of my bar cart just to show you how easy it is to switch up the look and theme, depending on the season or occasion!


P.S. When I was decorating my bar cart and taking photos, I kept reminding myself to add that mustache to the M&M’s jar. I reminded myself over and over again. But darn it, I still forgot to include that in the video and photos above. Ugh. So, I took a photo after a few days (when I remembered), and here it is:


You can tell it’s been days since that photo was taken because the M&M’s are almost gone! Haha. The hubby eats them while playing Call of Duty! Anyway, I’m listing the products in my bar cart below, in case you want to recreate it or if you fell in love with something featured here.

St Paddys Day Bar Cart

St Paddys Day, bar cart style

bar cart | pineapple cups | white tray | round picture frame | cake stand | mustache stickers | acrylic business card holder

STYLEanthropists, I hope you like this St Paddy’s Day bar cart. May it bring you the Luck o’ the Irish! 🙂

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