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Cute and Affordable Pool Floats for Summer

Today at STYLEanthropy at Home, let’s talk pool floats! Because how cute are these? Aren’t they perfect for the summer? It’s a great way to give your pool some pizzaz (pun intended)!

I bet you’ve seen one or two of these on your instagram feed for the past few summers now. I think the donut pool float started it all 2 (or was it 3) summers ago? With the instagram-worthy design and all the sprinkles donut obsession, you know it was sure to be a hit.

And then the rest of the other cute pool floats followed… I really wanted to get my hands on a swan or flamingo last year. But they weren’t exactly cheap back then. Price ranges from $50s to $100s on the large swans, while the donut floats were in the $40s. But this year? You’re in luck!


Target now has all these cute floaties that are priced at $19.99. Yep. You heard that right! I’m getting myself a swan (can’t seem to find it online now but it’s available at my local store) or flamingo, and maybe a watermelon, coz I’m addicted to that fruit! I can’t wait ’til pool weather officially hits Pittsburgh. So I can throw these adorable floats into our pool. Aren’t they a great way to dress up the swimming pool and make your insta-feed adorable too? Haha! Just saying!

So which one is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by STYLEanthropy at Home today. ‘Til next time! Happy Friday!

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