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Patio Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces

Today at STYLEanthropy, let’s talk patio furniture for small outdoor spaces, mostly for apartments like ours. Currently, we’re living in a small apartment that we love because of the ideal location – 4 buildings away from the husband’s work, across a shopping area, two groceries each with a pharmacy, a gas station, a warehouse club at the end of the road with a cheap gas station too, several restaurants and fast food chains in front and around us, walking distance to a coffee shop and movie theaters, a bike and jogging trail behind us that leads all the way to Washington, D.C.. You get the idea!

A quick little background of our living situation… we used to have a house in Fort Worth, Texas until husband got a job over an hour away (with rush hour traffic) up north. So we decided to sell the house and temporarily rent an apartment… until his job required him moving project to project every couple of months – Dallas to Virginia Beach, then Dallas to Pittsburgh. So “temporary” is feeling more like “permanent” right now. We knew we’d be living in apartments for awhile. This also meant trying our very best not to buy stuff, especially big and bulky furniture that would be harder to haul around wherever his job takes us. We’re actually surprised we lasted this long here in Pittsburgh (about 2 years now) and haven’t been asked to come home (company is Dallas-based). And while we miss Dallas so much, we’re relieved we don’t have to find a new place, pack up, move and unpack as often as before. If you’ve experienced moving at least once in your life, then you should understand the stress of it all!

So anyway, with the warmer weather rolling in and moving to an apartment unit that has a mini front yard, we’ve been so tempted to buy patio furniture. We love to hang outdoors when the weather’s great. I also love working outside with my laptop. We’ve been trying to resist the urge. But hey, you only live once, right? So I’ve been looking for patio furniture that’s perfect for small outdoor spaces and at the same time affordable – because we’re not really sure we can bring it with us if we ever get sent to another city. But having found these cheap folding chairs and matching mini folding tables seems more practical. So help a friend and choose your favorite!


Turquoise folding chair, $22; folding table $18.


Coral folding chair, $22; folding table $18.


Tan folding chair, $22; chevron folding table $18.


Black folding chair, $22; clear folding table $18.


Red folding chair, $22; mesh folding table $22.

They don’t really come in sets as seen in the photos above. I just laid them out by color. So you can really mix and match whatever you like. Bonus is a lot of them are now on clearance plus free shipping on orders of $25 and up. Can’t beat that!

Thanks for stopping by STYLEanthropy at Home today! Until next. Xo, Cris.

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