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Organize Greeting Cards with DIY Wall Art

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Back when I was younger, I would collect greeting cards just because they are cute. I can be a hoarder just like that. Haha! But the reason I love having them handy too, is the fact that I can easily find a thoughtful card for any occasion on a whim. Even in this digital age, I still prefer giving actual greeting cards than e-cards. There is something about a greeting card that’s tangible – it’s more personal and more thoughtful in my opinion. You can easily make an e-card for any special occasion. But if you give an actual card, it feels like you’ve gone an extra mile just to greet that person. So I say, have multiple cards ready for whatever occasion comes your way. Send smiles with cute cards whenever you feel like it. And to keep them organized, I am sharing this DIY Wall Art using Hallmark greeting cards.


I chose these Hallmark Greeting Cards because they are only 0.47 cents! Yes, each and every one of them costs half a dollar. So you don’t have much excuse not to get your loved ones a card. And with these cute designs, who knew they were that affordable? You can really stock up on cards for birthdays, weddings, missing you’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduations, and so much more. My Dad’s birthday is coming up this summer. So I already got him a birthday card… well, that’s if I could decide which one to give him first.


And because they are all too cute, I decided that I would make a wall art out of them. It’s a great way to organize your greeting cards.  Now, you’ll never forget a special occasion with a Greeting Card wall art. At the same time, just looking at it will surely make you smile. And if you feel like a loved one needs a pick me up, you can easily send smiles with these cute cards! So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

DIY Wall Art using Hallmark Greeting Cards

Look for a spot in your home that needs some fun and color. I decided that this blank wall in our kitchen needed some brightening up. So, DIY wall art shall go here.


Now, gather these supplies that you’ll be needing for our DIY project:

  • A couple of 0.47 cents Hallmark Greeting Cards from Walmart
  • Cork board
  • Double sided tape
  • Mini clips
  • Flat Thumb tacks
  • Ruler and/or leveler
  • Pencil for marking your wall



  1. Measure and mark your wall where you want to place your cork board/s. I got 4 square cork boards and left a few centimeters space in between them. Use your leveler and pencil to mark where the cork boards will go.
  2. Stick the double-sided tape to the cork boards.
  3. Now stick the cork boards to the wall.
  4. On a table surface or floor, lay out your cards how you want to place them on the cork boards. When you’re satisfied, it’s time to clip them onto the board.
  5. Take the mini clip and clip the card on the top center. Then, insert the thumb tack into the clip that’s holding the card. Now, you’re ready to pin it to your cork board. It’s that simple!






Wasn’t that so easy? If you noticed, I color-coordinated the greeting cards, and made sure to pick yellow and blue envelopes. You can also decorate your cork board if you like.  You can add letters, cut out shapes, notes of upcoming occasions… the possibilities are endless!


Now, you’ll never forget a special occasion with this Greeting Card Wall Art and Organizer in one! Hope you enjoyed this DIY. What other ways do you organize your greeting cards? Share them away!

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