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Pineapple Mania and More

Hey folks and fellow pineapple decor maniacs. Hahaha! Pardon the lack of posts here in the home blog. It’s been a crazy July. From getting sick to traveling from PA to TX to PA to NY to PA (whew), July has been a roller coaster ride, for sure. Anyway, you know my love for pineapple, right? You should probably see this outfit post to get an idea.

Now that you’ve seen that, by now you know how crazy I am for the pineapple design. I know Fall is slowly creeping up on us. But how can I just abandon my love for this fruit? LOL! I was just perusing a couple of sites, including ModCloth. And low and behold all the pineapple goodness!


Photo Credit: ModCloth

FYI, Pineapple is a symbol of peace and hospitality. I’d like to think (emphasis on think – don’t judge) that my Filipino heritage has taught me well in the hospitality department. I’m someone who absolutely has to care for her guests at home. I keep everything clean and neat prior to guests’ arrival. I make sure they have everything they need and that they are comfortable.

I try to cook for them but if time won’t allow it, I make sure to take them some place I know they will enjoy the food. I prefer to take guests around when they’re visiting from another city or state. That way, I can introduce something new to their palate. Besides, when I’m taking families and friends to tour the city, there’s hardly any time to cook!

Okay, I digress. My point is that, regardless of my love for the pineapple decor, I feel like what it symbolizes really suits me well. And so, here are some of my home finds that feature my love of the fruit and more!

You can now call me the crazy pineapple lady. LOL! Until next. XO.

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