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Post-Workout Orange Creamsicle Recipe

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After a good workout or even just walking my four-legged baby Louis out about 2 miles a day, I come home dehydrated, reaching out for something to cool me down. It’s even worse during the summer when the temperature starts rising up to 90 degrees (F) or 100 even (when in Texas). I just have to fill a huge glass with ice and then fill it up with water. But sometimes a bottle of Dasani needs something else. After working out, you need to replace key electrolytes that you lose through perspiration. So I started adding in Emergen-C to my bottle of Dasani after I exercise. Not only is it great at hydration, it gives you immune support and enhanced energy, thanks to the 7 B vitamins and C (more Vitamin C than 10 oranges). I like hitting two birds with one stone. But how about if you can hit three: (1) hydration, (2) immune support and energy from the vitamins, and (3) summer treat? That’s why I thought of making a post-workout orange creamsicle using Emergen-C and Dasani. And guys, it is really good. Let me share with you the recipe below.


Post-Workout Orange Creamsicle Recipe

What You’ll Need

  • 8 oz. water
  • 2 packets of Emergen-C Super Orange (but you can use any flavor of your choice)
  • 1 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream


*This yields about 4 creamsicles, depending on the size of the popsicle container you use. Note, however, that this should serve 2 people because you can only take 1 packet of Emergen-C a day. If you want to make it just for yourself, you can divide the recipe in half. But I like making these in advance, so you can simply keep it in your freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.


  1. Pour 2 packets of Emergen-C Super Orange into 8 ounces of water and mix until fully dissolved.
  2. Pour into a blender and the add the vanilla ice cream.
  3. Blend lightly for about 30 seconds to just a minute. You don’t want to liquify the ice cream. Just blend it enough so the Emergen-C mixture is blended well into the ice cream. Now if you want to skip the freezing part, I’m not stopping you. This mixture is already a delicious smoothie that you can refrigerate and drink after your workout. Yum. But if you want a popsicle treat, continue below.
  4. Now pour into popsicle containers and freeze until set.
  5. You can also use plastic cups or containers, and just insert a popsicle stick or something similar after about 30 minutes of freezing. This way, it’s not frozen all the way, but it’s beginning to take form for it to hold your stick in place.







Wasn’t that easy? I can do this right before I work out and walk Louis out. And by the time I’m done and we’re back home, I can already enjoy a delicious orange creamsicle with a purpose. Right now, there is a great deal this month of June on Emergen-C at Walgreens where you can buy 1 Emergen-C 30-count box and you’ll get 1 free Dasani 1-Liter bottle. There might even be another deal when you buy 2. So make sure to visit your Walgreens to score a good deal on these. They’ll come in handy especially now that it’s summer.


I hope you try my Post-Workout Orange Creamsicle recipe. Even if you didn’t work out, if you feel the need to hydrate, be energized, and get your daily dose of B and C vitamins, this is a great treat to enjoy. How about you? What do you take after working out? I would love to hear them!

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