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Asian Theme Party in Minutes

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As an Asian, any type of party we have always include Asian food. Dishes like egg rolls, spring rolls, stir-fry, noodles and fried rice are some of the staples you’ll find in our gatherings. Yes, even on Thanksgiving, there’s at least one Asian food in the spread. And with so many parties lined up during the Holidays, not to mention Lunar New Year is coming sooner than you think, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to prepare some Asian food in a flash! Better yet, make it a complete Asian theme party that you can do in minutes. It’s possible!


I recently discovered Tai Pei egg rolls and spring rolls in a variety of flavors. They have shrimp, chicken, pork and vegetable varieties that you can choose from. And while these are perfect appetizers if you’re just serving cocktails, they are also great as main dishes for a sit-down dinner with family and friends. As a Filipino, we consider this a main dish and eat this with noodles and/or rice. But the best thing about these Tai-Pei rolls is that they can be ready in 15 minutes or even less. You can microwave them for about 3 minutes, but I’d like to use the oven (because I’m fancy like that, haha) to cook all at the same time for just 15 minutes.


I tell you, this is a time-saver. Making egg rolls or spring rolls is pretty tedious. You have to prepare the filling, wrap it up and then deep fry it. But with this ready-in-minutes egg rolls or spring rolls from Tai Pei, I only need to pop it in the oven or microwave and set my table while I wait.


And if you are doubtful of the taste, I dare you to try it and tell me what you think. I really think it tastes authentic. They were really crispy and flavorful. All I had to do was dress them up for the theme party. How about some paper ninja stars (shuriken) taped onto toothpicks?


  1. Ninja Stars – If you know how to make pinwheels, then making these ninja stars are exactly the same way but folded flat and without the pin in the middle. Just cut a square and cut diagonally from the four corners toward the center leaving some space in the middle. It would look like 4 connected triangles. Just fold one corner of the triangle towards the center and tape it. You can make these ahead of time or you can ask family members to do this while you set the rest of the table and prepare the other dishes (like I did, haha).
  2. Red Tissue Paper – Finish it off with crumpled red tissue paper to decorate around the plates. It’s the easiest and most effortless way to brighten and spread the Asian theme party.
  3. Colors – The best colors to use for an Asian theme party is red and gold. So spread all the red and gold colors all over your table! I got gold plates, spoon and forks, and used red straws, lanterns, ninja stars and tissue paper to decorate our table spread. Even the drinks were in red (sparkling raspberry) and yellow gold (mango juice).
  4. Stir-fry noodles – one of the dishes that complement egg rolls or spring rolls is stir-fry noodles. I make it in 20 minutes or less. Just buy some rice or vermicelli noodles in the Asian aisle of your grocery. Soak in a bowl with warm water while you stir fry your veggies. I just buy a pack of pre-cut veggie mix. Heat oil and garlic then mix in the veggies and some chicken stock (or water and a chicken bouillon) just enough to cover about third to half of your veggies. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the veggies are done. Then add in the drained stir-fry noodles. Mix everything together and add some soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Done!


And by the way, these Tai Pei rolls come with a “red” dipping sauce too. So it ties up to the theme! Pour it onto a clear dip dish so the red is seen all around.



Discovering how convenient they are to make, these Tai Pei egg and spring rolls will probably be a regular in our daily menu. And in case you were wondering where to get them, you can purchase it at Walmart and there’s a rebate offer at Ibotta running through December 31.


Hope you loved the tips and ideas for your next Asian theme party. If you loved this post, then pin this:


Thanks Tai Pei for making our Asian theme lunch so quick and easy! Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more ideas and offers.

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