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Welcoming Guests: How to Fold Pineapple Towels

Today at STYLEanthropy at Home, I’m teaching you how to fold pineapple towels. Is that even the right term? How to make pineapple towels? How to present towels to look like pineapples? Whatever you call it, you know what I mean. I love to put special touches for guests who are visiting and staying over. If you want to make their stay special too, try this.

How to Fold Pineapple Towels

There are many ways you can fold or present bath towels for guests coming over. But I specifically chose pineapples because I’m a crazy pineapple lady. Haha. But kidding aside, pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Google it. I love to keep my guests comfortable and want them to feel at home. So the pineapple towel is perfect.

What You Need For 1 Pineapple Towel

  1. One Yellow Bath Towel
  2. One Green Hand or Face Towels



1. Begin by folding your bath towel horizontally in the middle. Then do another fold. You can adjust the height of the pineapple by doing 1/3 folds instead.

2. Get one green hand towel and fold diagonally to make a triangle.

3. Take the corner of the triangle and pull up to the top.

4. Press that corner inside the top pointed part so that it looks like you’re about to make a diamond.

5. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the triangle. Now you have a diamond.


6. Place your diamond on one side and top edge of the yellow bath towel. Leave the half of the diamond touching the bath towel and the other half outside the towel.

7. Start rolling the yellow bath towel.

8. Once you reach the end and the bath towel is all rolled up, open up (arrange the tips of) the green towel to look like the crown of the pineapple.

You’re done!


Now place it in a basket and add some toiletries your guests might need. Add a soap, shampoo and conditioner. You can place these bath essentials on top of the bed they will be sleeping on or on the night stand next to it so they know it’s for them to use.


Love this simple and easy idea? Make sure to pin any of the images below to save for later!



Until the next home tip! Xo.

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