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DIY: Another Bank’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

This DIY post is an old one from my original blog. I’m trying to slowly move home and food posts here, so I thought I’d share this with you. Another Bank’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, you read that right. I said bank. Let me enlighten you.

There’s a house in our neighborhood that got repo’d by the bank. And as it turned out, when the previous owners moved out, they left a lot of their belongings behind. When the bank took over, they had people take out everything inside the house – ready to be taken by anyone or if not, collected by the garbage truck. So as soon as the cleaners, manned by police, said you can grab anything because they were being thrown out anyway, we started checking out what we can save and refurbish or upcycle for our house. Here are some of the pieces that we got, including the dresser featured above that we turned into a…


… buffet table! I wanted to remove the bottom so the height would be perfect for a buffet. However, Hubby said it would make it unstable. So we kept it as is and just painted the whole thing black and the handles were spray-painted a matte silver just like the metal in our chairs.


This one above looks like a bench. But in reality, it’s the bottom part of a shelving unit/media center that was disassembled by the cleaners for easy hauling.


Below is the top part that attaches to the rest of the shelving unit. However we couldn’t really find what goes where coz they were pretty much dumped outside the house. So instead…


I turned it into what I thought it was originally… a bench with storage underneath!


The knobs were supposed to be spray-painted silver, but we ran out of paint at the time. So temporarily, I painted the knobs black too. But a friend suggested glass knobs would be good. So I think I’m going with that instead of spray-painting them silver. It will definitely look nice. Now, our poker area is almost complete! I just need drapes, art work and a mirror! Okay, maybe I’m still lacking a lot.


And well, we have other projects that need attention. We also got 2 mini dressers, 2 bed side tables, a side table, a shoe rack and 4 speaker stands!


I hope this post and the transformations inspire you to do the same when a similar opportunity knocks your way. Well, I don’t expect you to do so if the funds are overflowing. But hey, even millionaires or billionaires refurbish stuff, recycle or up-cycle, collect vintage, preserve hand-me-downs, or even frequent the flea markets. Remember, there are two ways to get rich. One is to earn more and two is to spend less. Spend your money on the things that really matter to you and look for ways to save on other material things that don’t. And besides, you’ll never know what treasures you discover in someone else’s trash.

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