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Grilled Chicken Onion Rings Asian Salad, food, salads
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Grilled Chicken Onion Rings Asian Salad Recipe

This Grilled Chicken Onion Rings Asian Salad Recipe shop post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SpringIntoFlavor #CollectiveBias

Now that warmer weather is here, I find myself craving for light and fresh recipes. One of my favorite salads to make is this Asian salad with hints of sesame, mandarin slices and crunchy noodles. But this time around, I thought I’d make this Asian salad recipe extra special with fresh and all-natural ingredients. Instead of opting for canned mandarin, I went with a fresh one. Instead of using bottled Asian salad dressing, I made one from scratch. And finally, instead of using canned crunchy rice noodles for the topping, I’m switching it up to this crunchy Alexia Onion Rings made of all-natural ingredients. Let’s get fancy!
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Margarita Popcorn Recipe

Margarita Popcorn Recipe for Outdoor Movie Night

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I’ve always admired backyards with dreamy outdoor movie setups. Now that it’s warmer outside, it’s the perfect way to enjoy movie night with family and friends, don’t you think? Take a projector, DIY a screen, lay out blankets and fill them up with pillows. Grab some drinks and whip up a Margarita Popcorn. Why yes – I said Margarita Popcorn and I have the recipe for you. Don’t worry, I got your back!
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cute hallmark greeting cards

Organize Greeting Cards with DIY Wall Art

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Back when I was younger, I would collect greeting cards just because they are cute. I can be a hoarder just like that. Haha! But the reason I love having them handy too, is the fact that I can easily find a thoughtful card for any occasion on a whim. Even in this digital age, I still prefer giving actual greeting cards than e-cards. There is something about a greeting card that’s tangible – it’s more personal and more thoughtful in my opinion. You can easily make an e-card for any special occasion. But if you give an actual card, it feels like you’ve gone an extra mile just to greet that person. So I say, have multiple cards ready for whatever occasion comes your way. Send smiles with cute cards whenever you feel like it. And to keep them organized, I am sharing this DIY Wall Art using Hallmark greeting cards.
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mocha roll recipe, baking, McCafe Coffee

Mocha Roll Recipe with McCafé

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Today, I’m sharing with you a mocha roll recipe that I shared on my social media channels a few mornings ago. I love my morning “me” time during the week. It’s that time of the day when I can enjoy a cup of coffee over breakfast, by myself, after a few minutes of at-home workout. The husband has already left for work and Louis is still in bed, asleep. Don’t get me wrong. I love breakfast or brunch time with the hubby, or family and friends, especially on the weekends. But whenever I can enjoy my alone time in the morning, I grab the opportunity. I’m someone who loves independence and love my moment of silence when I can read my emails, catch up on reading my blogger babes’ posts, or browse new arrivals and sales on my favorite online shops. So from time to time, I love to make this mocha roll cake to pair with my new morning partner, Kraft McCafé coffee. It’s the ultimate morning treat for the coffee lover.

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Orange Creamsicle, Emergen-C

Post-Workout Orange Creamsicle Recipe

This Post-Workout Orange Creamsicle Recipe shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone and should not be taken as medical advice. #HealthyAndHydrated #CollectiveBias

After a good workout or even just walking my four-legged baby Louis out about 2 miles a day, I come home dehydrated, reaching out for something to cool me down. It’s even worse during the summer when the temperature starts rising up to 90 degrees (F) or 100 even (when in Texas). I just have to fill a huge glass with ice and then fill it up with water. But sometimes a bottle of Dasani needs something else. After working out, you need to replace key electrolytes that you lose through perspiration. So I started adding in Emergen-C to my bottle of Dasani after I exercise. Not only is it great at hydration, it gives you immune support and enhanced energy, thanks to the 7 B vitamins and C (more Vitamin C than 10 oranges). I like hitting two birds with one stone. But how about if you can hit three: (1) hydration, (2) immune support and energy from the vitamins, and (3) summer treat? That’s why I thought of making a post-workout orange creamsicle using Emergen-C and Dasani. And guys, it is really good. Let me share with you the recipe below.
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Berry S'mores Truffle Cups, recipe, food, cooking, dessert, sweets

Berry Smores Truffle Recipe

This Berry Smores Truffle Recipe shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LetsMakeSmores #CollectiveBias #sponsored

Who doesn’t love S’mores especially in the summer? I think we can all agree that it’s one of those summertime treats that’s perfect for pool parties, BBQs, camping, and so much more. But you know what? Any day can actually be a S’mores day! You don’t need a campfire to make one. In fact, this Berry S’mores Truffle recipe I’m sharing with you today is so easy to make inside the comforts of your home. It only takes a minute for a single-serve or about 5-10 minutes if you are making several cups for a party. Let’s make s’mores, shall we?
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Pineapple Party Time Banner, ModCloth, home, decor
Decor Design DIY

Pineapple Mania and More

Hey folks and fellow pineapple decor maniacs. Hahaha! Pardon the lack of posts here in the home blog. It’s been a crazy July. From getting sick to traveling from PA to TX to PA to NY to PA (whew), July has been a roller coaster ride, for sure. Anyway, you know my love for pineapple, right? You should probably see this outfit post to get an idea.
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SNICKERS Caramel Popcorn Recipe

SNICKERS Caramel Popcorn Recipe

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What do you love to munch on while watching the Big Game? Whatever sports you love to watch with your family and friends, I’m pretty sure they involve some treats or snacks – be it chocolate, candies, popcorn, or chips among others. After all, food makes it more fun to watch, right? So today, I’m sharing with you this SNICKERS® Caramel Popcorn recipe along with other treats you can serve while watching the Big Game!
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Entertaining: Dessert Toppings Bar, Edys Frozen Custard
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Different Toppings and Ways to Serve Frozen Custard

This Entertaining with Frozen Custard shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FrozenCustardTime #CollectiveBias

We are on our way to bright and warmer weather guys! That means it’s time to get out of hibernation. That also means parties here and there. If you are planning to host a party and looking for cool desserts to serve, I’m here to share with you a fun idea. How about setting up a Mix and Match Toppings and Cups Dessert Bar? I thought it would be a fun way to serve dessert after discovering the new EDY’s® Frozen Custard.
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